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Towing Shackles

Our selection of anchor shackles available is designed for to provide reliable performance over and over. Choose between carbon steel screw pin, carbon steel anchor bolt or all alloy screw pin anchor shackles with a variety of sizes for your specific needs.

High quality shackles are needed for safely attaching towing straps, winches or other devices needing to be carried from one point to the next. These high grade shackles are important for effectively transferring loads without concern of strain or deterioration or strain being concentrated through any member of the towing apparatus. The improved cross sectional area and forging make these anchor shackles the best choices for your towing needs.

Types of Anchor Shackles

Here at RuggedTow, we carry both screw pin anchor shackles and safety bolt anchor shackles. The difference in screw pin anchor shackles and safety bolt is the way they are tightened. Screw pin anchor shackles are the most commonly used. The screw pin slides through one end of the clevis and screws in to the other side similar to a standard bolt. The pin is secured from turning with seizing wire. These anchor shackles are easier to remove and apply. Safety bolt anchor shackles are more secure and used to handle heavier applications. The pin is screwed through, and a bolt is fastened on the other side of the shackle and a cotter pin is slid through the hole.