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Vehicles are sometimes transported as freight from one location to another by a trailer that is connected to a flatbed or auto hauler. An auto hauler is a 75 foot long by 13 ½ foot high container used to transport anywhere from 6 to 12 vehicles at a time. A trailer with a car hauler is one of the biggest vehicles on the road. Vehicles are maneuvered in place using a combination of valves, hydraulic cylinders, ramps, stands, decks and cantilevers.

Whether the method of transport is with a flatbed or an auto hauler, vehicles must be secured and remain stationary under all road and weather conditions. There are numerous methods of securely attaching vehicles for transport with tie down straps and a choice or combination of connectors, such as ratchets, loops, hooks, keyholes and rings.

Cargo control straps may be used to secure a vehicle by its wheels, by its axles or by the frame. When securing a vehicle by its wheels, you may adjust the straps around the tire, over the tire or through the wheel rim. Properly wrapped cargo tie down straps may then be attached to the towing trailer at specific anchor points. Adjustable straps can be used on just about any sized passenger car or SUV. Securing a vehicle by the axle is best suited for sport cars, race cars and older model vehicles with single straight axles. Straps and frame hooks are best to secure a vehicle by its frame.