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Single Leg Cluster Hook Chains

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Single Leg Cluster Hook Chains

Heavy hauls and transports require the strongest and most reliable chains and hooks on the market. The single-leg cluster hook chains from Rugged Tow are durable tools that will get the job done. They offer versatility in many applications. However big or small the job at hand, these chains and hooks can provide the workmanship and security that you need.

The cluster hook chains are capable of towing up to 4,700 pounds and have a 5/16” heavy-duty rating. The hooks offer you options in towing, coming with both T-hook and Forged J-hook options. You receive six feet or more of towing power that comes at a competitive price. The single-leg chains come in a variety of lengths, depending on your needs. There is the optimal amount of security in towing when this gear is on your side.

For even more versatility, get your hands on the Grade 70 chain with 15” J-hooks. The other ends include a grab and Hammerhead hook. Coming in both 8 and 10-foot lengths, this equipment can handle loads up to 4,700 pounds. Customers receive free shipping to the lower 48 states, making towing any load or moving heavy-duty equipment a thing of ease.