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Bulk Chain & Components | 70, 80 & 100 Grade Chains

The bulk chain and chain components offered by RuggedTow are top quality products designed to get the job done. A chain is only as strong as its overall construction. Likewise, the components used in addition to a given chain add the power and direction behind the pull. Use our equipment with confidence knowing all our chains meet or exceed OSHA and DOT regulations.

We carry chains and components available in several sizes from Grade 70 chains to Grade 100 Lifting Chains for heavy lifting in high temperatures. For each grade of bulk chain we supply corresponding components including slings, ratchet and lever binders, and more. Each product is designed with safety and reliability in mind. Grade 70 chains are used to tie down and secure material in a towing or transportation situation. This grade chain is manufactured to secure a vehicle or other large item once it is hoisted on a truck or positioned on a carrier. Grade 80 chains are lifting chains that can sustain thousands of pounds. They are rated for use in 125 degrees Fahrenheit or less. For a higher heat rating, use a grade 100 chain.

Each of the chains and components offered by RuggedTow is designed with outstanding durability for use in its specified arena, whether transporting, towing, or securing material.

RUGGEDTOW.COM, a division of Susquehanna Wire Rope & Rigging, Inc. offers the safest and best quality towing products. Our commitment to quality is the highest in the industry. When shopping with us remember all our products come with free, fast shipping. If you are looking for other supplies beyond bulk chain and components, we also carry winch cables, shackles, endless round slings, nylon slings and much more.