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Bulk Chain

Purchasing lifting chain in bulk allows the consumer to assemble custom designs made for specific lifting or tie down applications*. Grade 80 and 100 heavy duty chains are OSHA compliant for overhead lifting. In addition, they are excellent for use with steel coil transport and heavy equipment.

Grade 70 tie down bulk chain is excellent for transportation uses. It may be used to tie down hauls to a tow dolly, tow truck, auto wrecker, auto hauler, and more. However, while grade 70 chain is not OSHA compliant for overhead lifting, it does meet DOT specifications for transport.

Grade 80 lifting chain is light in weight yet made with high strength alloy steel. The relatively high carbon content makes this chain twice as strong as ordinary steel chain.

Grade 100 chain is ideal for heated applications over 125 degrees and comes in multiple lengths and sizes. Both Grade 100 and 80 meet or exceed all OSHA, NACM, ASTM, and government specifications.

* For your safety and to comply with OSHA, DOT and other regulations, we recommend purchasing our premade, certified slings and do not recommend assembling your own slings at home.