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More About Winch Lines

As important as the hardware is in a winching operation, the rigging is just as crucial. Our winch wire rope lines come in multiple sizes and lengths, as well as three hook options. Choose between steel core and fiber core winch lines depending on the type of winching you expect to do on a regular basis.

Regardless of whether you operate a tow truck or an off-road vehicle, it is important to outfit your winch system with the highest quality, most suitable wire cable line. Our array of lines includes various weights as well.

Don’t settle for inferior winchline when you can have the best available. We carry a huge selection of towing products and supplies with a focus in quality and low prices. To keep the prices low we provide free shipping on our products. We also carry other towing supplies at the lowest prices and offer free shipping. Browse our site to find all the other equipment you need beyond winchlines like bulk chain, winch cable, and much more.

6X19 Fiber Core and Steel Core Winch Lines
These winch lines are made in-house at one of our five locations! We utilize Fiber Core or IWRC wire rope, and use wire rope thimbles to attach the hook to the cable. Choose from our three hook options: swivel eye hoist hook with latch, fixed eye hoist hook with latch and self locking swivel eye hoist hook. Multiple lengths and sizes available. These winch lines meet or exceed all DOT and OSHA specifications.