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Winch Cable & IWRC Wire Rope

From tow trucks to roll backs, wreckers, and off-road vehicles, having the appropriate wire rope and winch cable is crucial to maintain safety and proper working order. Used as an aid in pulling in or letting out a given connection on a truck or other pulley system, winch cable and wire rope provide the drive of a towing system or other assembly. We offer wire rope in a variety of lengths and sizes as well as wire rope in different weights with a variety of hook extensions and wire slings.

RUGGEDTOW.COM, a division of Susquehanna Wire Rope & Rigging, Inc. offers the safest and best quality towing products. Our commitment to quality is the highest in the industry. When shopping with us remember all our products come with free, fast shipping. If you are looking for other supplies beyond winch cable, we also carry endless round slings, nylon lifting straps, bulk chain and much more.

Winch Lines Winch Line Extensions Wire Rope Slings
6X19 Fiber Core and Steel Core Winch Lines

These winch lines are made in-house at one of our five locations! We utilize BFC or IWRC wire rope, and use wire rope thimbles to attach the hook to the cable. Choose from our three hook options: swivel eye hoist hook with latch, fixed eye hoist hook with latch and self locking swivel eye hoist hook. Multiple lengths and sizes available. These winch lines meet or exceed all DOT and OSHA specifications.


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Steel Core Winch Line Extensions

RuggedTow's winch line extensions are standard IWRC wire rope and have GRADE 70 fixed eye hoist hooks with latch or swivel eye hoist hooks with latch attached to wire rope at thimbled eye. Multiple lengths and sizes available. Customized configurations are also available--please call to order. Meets or exceeds all OSHA and DOT regulations!

Starting at $58.89

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Standard Eye Wire Rope Slings

Standard eye and eye slings are pre-made and certified. All slings are tagged with metal indicator. Multiple lengths and sizes available and customized configurations available by order. Please call for inquiries. These choker slings meet or exceed all OSHA and DOT regulations.

Starting at $15.95

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Bulk Wire Rope
Domestic and Import Bulk Wire Rope

We sell drums, half-drums and reels of IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core), both domestic and import. Multiple lengths and sizes to choose from. Meets or exceeds all OSHA and DOT regulations.

Starting at $43.55

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