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Eye & Eye Slings

Nylon eye and eye slings are the most popular and widely used slings with multiple uses. The flexibility of the nylon fiber prevents the sling from locking up while towing a load. These eye slings are easy to handle, strong, and inexpensive, not to mention hand-sewn in one of our USA sew shops. The nylon fiber stands up to grease and oil without any weakening of the sling. In addition, these slings are resilient to ether, formaldehyde, and alkali. However, most manufacturers recommend avoiding bleaching agents or acids when using nylon eye slings.

The nylon material stretches up to 8 to 10 percent of the rated capacity, and the user should avoid temperatures above 194 degrees. Nylon remains a popular choice over polyester and wire eye slings. With nylon, the eye can be turned inside out if one side wears down unevenly. Eye and Eye slings can be used in a vertical hitch, choker hitch, or basket hitch.

Nylon Eye & Eye Slings come in two plys and multiple lengths. Vertical, Choker, and Basket working load limits are printed on the pastic-coated tags and sewn to each strap. This method follows DOT and related specifications, while holding up against dirt, oil, water, and abrasion.