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GRADE 80 Chain & Components

GRADE 80 Bulk Chain
RuggedTow GRADE 80 Lifting Chain is low weight, but high strength alloy steel with comparatively high carbon content. Quenched and tempered before proof testing, the ultimate tensile strength of our alloy chain is double that of ordinary steel chain.

Our GRADE 80 lifting chain also meets or exceeds all existing OSHA, Government, NACM, and ASTM requirements.

Buying chain and components for a chain sling? Check out our pre-made and certified chain slings built with this GRADE 80 lifting chain. Offered in single-, double-, triple-, and quadruple-legs and in various configurations, we have it all!
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GRADE 80 Chain Slings
Grade 80 Chain Slings are ideal for overhead lifting. Utilizing GRADE 80 made-in-USA lifting chain, and GRADE 80 components, these slings come in multiple lengths and sizes, as well as styles.

Carried online, we sell single-, double-, triple-, and quadruple-leg slings. In Single Leg, we offer ASOS, SGS, SSS, SGG, SOG, SOO, and SOS. In other legs, we offer ADOS, ATOS, and AQOS; DOS, TOS, QOS; and DOG, TOG, and QOG. Available upon request: Styles SOF, DOF, TOF, and QOF.

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GRADE 80 Hooks & Components
GRADE 80 Chain & Components

Cradle Grab hooks, Clevis Sling hooks, and Coupling Links in multiple sizes! Coming soon: pear links, subassemblies, and master links. Free shipping!

Cradle Grab Hooks Clevis Sling Hooks Coupling Links Sorting Hooks

Sliding Choker Hooks Pear Links Oblong Master Links

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