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Aircraft Cable

When hoisting large objects, be certain you have the highest tensile strength aircraft cable available. We carry several aircraft wire options including galvanized, stainless steel or vinyl coated galvanized aircraft cable all available in 7x7 or 7x19 cable diameters. Our aircraft cable allows for forces up to 14,000 pounds to be leveraged for all loading applications. It's important to have high quality aircraft cable for automotive, construction, garage doors, exercise equipment or mechanical operations. Choosing any of these aircraft cable products allows for an amazing combination of strength and flexibility, deeming the amount of cable applications unlimited.

Galvanized Wire Cable

Galvanized aircraft wire is made of steel with a zinc coating to prevent corrosion and can be used for many applications. Galvanized wire is best used where appearance is not important or when the wires will never be seen. We carry several sizes in varied lengths to meet your needs.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

We carry a variety of stainless steel wire rope with breaking strengths from 480 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. It is resistant to corrosion from salt water and has an attractive, modern finish and will maintain its appearance for years. Each size is available in several lengths so you get the amount of stainless steel aircraft cable you need. Also available upon request are color coated cable, cable assemblies, and nylon coated cable. All aircraft wire cable meets or exceeds OSHA and DOT regulations.

Galvanized Aircraft Cable
7X7 and 7X19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable

Galvanized aircraft cable is designed for use in the aircraft industry and for military applications, but it also has many commercial applications as well. Galvanized wire aircraft cable is classified by the number of strands and the number of wires in each strand. A type 7X7 stainless steel galvanized aircraft cable has seven strands with seven wires in each strand. Aircraft cable may be stainless steel or galvanized steel with varying diameters, breaking strengths and approximate weight per foot. The larger the diameter, the greater the breaking strength (in lbs.), and the greater the approximate weight per foot that may be handled.

Galvanized aircraft cable is used for rope and pulley systems where rope is cycled back and forth over a pulley or sheave. It is more suitable for use in erosion control, irrigation, and the agriculture industry, but has commercial applications such as with exercise equipment or as control cables. Cables with diameters less than 1/8 inch have a good balance of strength and flexibility.

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Vinyl Coated Galvanized Aircraft Cable
7X7 and 7X19 Vinyl Galvanized Aircraft Cable

Vinyl coated galvanized aircraft cables are also used for rope and pulley systems. However, the vinyl protects the rope from abrasion and the pulley and sheaves from shock and wear.

Vinyl-coated cable has a lesser breaking strength than non-coated galvanized cable. A 7X7 vinyl coated cable has breaking strength in the range of 270 lbs. to 1,700 lbs while non-coated 7X7 galvanized cable has breaking strength that ranges from 480 lbs. to 3,700 lbs. Likewise, a 7X19 vinyl coated aircraft cable has breaking strength in the range of 4,200 lbs. to 14,400 lbs. versus 1,050 lbs. to 14,400 lbs. for an non-coated cable. Vinyl coated stainless steel aircraft cable is also available.

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Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable
Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable
• 7X7 or 7X19 cable with breaking strengths from 480 lbs. to 12,000 lbs.
• Multiple lengths and sizes available
• Standard reel lengths in stock: 250', 500' and 1,000'
(5,000' please call to order)
• Also available upon request: Color coated cable, cable assemblies, nylon coated cable
• Cable sizes according to Federal Specification RR-W-410D
• Meets or exceeds all OSHA and DOT regulations

Starting at $35.00

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