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Roll Back/Tilt Bed Tie Downs

Cluster Hooks Chains
Single Leg Cluster Hook Chains
• Single Leg Chains with cluster hooks, J hooks, or other fittings on one or both ends
• Multiple lengths and fittings available
• Not approved for overhead lifting

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Grade 70 Binder Chains
GRADE 70 Binder Chain
• GRADE 70 Lifting Chain with GRADE 70 Clevis Grab Hooks both ends
• Heavy duty carbon-grade 70 zinc-plated gold chain
• Rated at 6,600 lbs. working load limit
• Meets or exceeds all OSHA and DOT regulations

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Lasso Straps
Our Rugged Weave Lasso Straps are the strongest on the market! Check out our Lasso Straps with Sewn Loops, Keyholes, and O Rings. Additionally, we carry another line with protective sleeves for extra safety and ease.

Lasso Straps with Sewn Loops Lasso Straps with Keyholes Lasso Straps with O Rings Lasso Straps with Protective Sleeves

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Ratchet Assemblies
Our yellow Ratchet Assemblies come with Finger Hooks or J Hooks, and works great with tow dollies, trailers or flat beds that have a rail on either side of the bed. They come in 2" X 27', 3" X 27', or 4" X 27' and are all tagged with DOT regulations and safety information. FREE SHIPPING!

2" x 27FT 3" x 30FT 4" x 30FT

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Ratchet Load & Lever Binders
Ratchet Load & Lever Binders are ideal for tie down applications. Pair with our GRADE 70 Tie Down Chain or Binder Chain.

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