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Nylon Endless Round Slings

Our endless lifting slings are nylon slings that you can use for a wide range of purposes. From towing to lifting, these slings are as indispensable as they are versatile.

Use these slings to tie down your collector car, motorcycle or other valuable cargo. Despite its strength, the soft material will not scratch or otherwise blemish any surface it touches, even if that surface is highly polished, meticulously painted metal. You can also use the slings, which are much stronger than they appear, to hoist heavy auto parts while working in your garage. The lightweight material of the nylon endless round slings is also flexible, which makes it simple and safe for a number of applications.

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Like our eye and eye slings, these Nylon Endless Round Slings come in two plys and multiple lengths and utilize the Tuff Tagging system.