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Towing Chain & Web V Bridles

V Bridles represent the muscle in your towing gear. Your load is only as secure as this equipment is strong. Turn to the Grade 70 chains and nylon webbing when only superior performance is acceptable. All of their products undergo extensive testing for strength and are brought to customers at the most competitive prices available. From Grade 70 chain bridles to Synthetic Web V Bridles, your first and last stop is here.

The Grade 70 chains that are available come with many different options for hooks that include cluster hooks and J hooks on both ends. The multiple combinations of forged and heat-treated additions give you the very best equipment on the market that can meet all your towing needs. From secure towing loads to hauling equipment, there is a chain and hook combination that is right for the job at hand.

Web V Bridles can be ordered using both nylon and polyester webbing. This equipment is ideal when towing or securing large vehicles, haulers, or trailers. Both materials come with the ability to use cluster hooks or any other combination of hooks. This equipment is the best choice when you expect the presence of oil, abrasives, and other debris.

GRADE 70 Chain V Bridles Synthetic Web V Bridles
GRADE 70 V Chain Bridles

We offer a variety of GRADE 70 V Chain bridles with a combination of cluster hooks and J hooks on both ends. Multiple leg sizes also available. Heavy duty GRADE 70 V bridles utilize multiple combinations of forged, heat-treated components such as 15" J hooks, 8" J hooks, R, T, G, and mini J hooks and other tie down pieces to provide you with the most customizable hauling applications.

These are pre-made chain V bridles, but we also offer each component separately, including GRADE 70 bulk chain, J hook components, mini hook fittings, and even single-leg chains with clusters and hooks on one or both ends.

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Synthetic Web V Bridles

Nylon and Polyester Web Slings
are great for securing cars, sports car, SUVs, trucks, and more to your trailer, tow truck, or auto hauler. Both our Nylon and Polyester V bridles utilize heavy duty GRADE 70 Cluster Hooks, and are superior for resisting dirt, water, oil, and abrasion.

Starting at $54.99

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