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Wireless & Magnetic Tow Lights

Don’t take chances when towing another vehicle on the road. Use any of our variety of tow lights to avoid problems with the law, as well as to conduct your tow operation safely. Flags and other methods of marking a vehicle you are towing do not tend to show in fog or heavy rain conditions. In fact, in many cases, these methods alone are illegal.

Not only are many of our Tow Lights lightweight and magnetic, they are also wireless. They come in a variety of sizes as well so that you can adequately outfit everything from a compact car to a truck or large boat.

Choose from among Tow Lights that offer sequential turn signaling and those that feature supplemental amber indicators. We even offer wireless side marker Tow Lights for added visibility when you are in heavy traffic, such as on a multi-lane highway or interstate.

Equip the vehicle or trailer you plan to tow with the right assortment of lights and enjoy peace of mind while driving. We also carry other towing supplies at the lowest prices and offer free shipping. Browse our site to find all the equipment you need beyond tow lights like recovery straps, endless round slings, winch cable and much more.

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Lightweight Wireless Magnetic Taillight System 17" Wireless Magnetic Tow Light with Supplemental Amber Indicators 21”
Wireless 7-Way Truck Bar 36” Wireless 7-Way Truck Bar 48”
Wireless Tow Light and Traffic Control System 17” Trimline with Sequential Turn 48”
Trimline with Sequential Turn 31” Wireless Tow Light with Side Markers 17”
Super 25 with Strobe and Straps