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Axle Straps & Axle Straps Tie-down Combos

Axle straps are excellent for low clearance uses. These automobile tie-down straps create a loop around the axle for a very safe connection. The user simply hooks the tie axle limiting straps back or ties down chain to the d-rings and then employs tension. Combination straps come with end fittings and ratchet buckles for easier application. All axle tieback straps, combination car axle straps, and axle straps meet or exceed DOT specifications.

These axle strap tie downs are constructed from our heavy-duty Rugged Weave fiber. They come with d-rings at each end for multiple tie-down applications. They are made in the United States using the highest quality materials. The 21-inch axle straps work for low clearance automobiles for transport. They come with a 10-inch protective wear pad for superior durability and strength. Axle straps come in 31-inches as well, and the combo sets come in both sizes!

21" & 31" Axle Strap Combos
21" & 31" Axle Strap Combos

These axle straps are made with our durable Rugged Weave material. With D Rings on both ends, these axle straps can be used for multiple tie down applications on your tow dolly or flat bed trailer. Even better, our straps are hand-sewn in the USA, ensuring the best quality from the best materials!

Set of four for $31.54

21" Axle Straps
21" Axle Strap Combos

Our 21" Axle Straps are made to tie down low-clearance autos for transport. With the 10" protective wear pad, these straps maintain strength with extra durability. Also available in 31" or a combo set with both sizes, we have what you're looking for in Auto Hauler straps and accessories.

Sets of two starting at $22.21

31" Axle Straps
31" Axle Straps

Similar to our 21" Axle Straps, our Rugged Weave 31" Axle Straps are ideal for low-clearance needs, feature strong D rings on both ends, and come with 10" protective wear pads for additional durability. Take advantage of our wide selection of color choices for these Auto Hauler straps, and as always, enjoy FREE SHIPPING!

Sets of two starting at $25.54

Axle Strap/Ratchet Combo Kit
Axle Strap/Ratchet Combo Kits

This combo kit includes 2" x 9' adjustable assemblies that wrap around the axle of your auto, or through the slots in your wheels, then snap into the adjustable D Ring. The built-in axle strap utilizes a protective wear pad for more protection durability around the axle and attachment point. The 2" heavy duty Long Handle Ratchets with Twisted Snap Hooks make using this assembly easy for multiple types of attachments to your trailer. This set is also perfect for hauling ATVs, Quads and more, on your flat bed trailer.

Sets of two starting at $54.98